The Ultimate 3D Printer Price Comparison

3D printers used to cost over $20,000 just a few years ago, but can now be purchased for less than $1,000! This price comparison chart summarizes the cheapest options for 3D printing.

3D Printer Name Cost Build Envelope (W x D x H mm^3) More Info
Printrbot Simple
$299.00 100x100x100 Buy
Assembly required
Pirate 3D Bucaneer
$347.00 150x100x120 Buy
Assembled - Available Dec. 2013
Printrbot jr
$399.00 114x140x102 Buy
Assembly Required
Sumpod Delta
$463.00 180x180x200 Buy
Fully Assembled
RigidBot 3D printer
$499 254x254x254 Buy
Fully Assembled
Assembled Printrbot jr
$499 102x102x102 Buy
Prusa Mendel V2 complete kit excluding plastic parts
$544.98 220x220x220 Buy
Assembly Required
Printrbot LC
$Price 152x152x152 Buy
Assembly Required
Durbie Prusa Mendel Reprap Complete Kit
$585 200x200x140 Buy
Assembly Required
RapidBot 1.0 Kit
$649 220x220x165 Buy
Solidoodle 3D Printer, 3nd Generation
$799 203x203x203 Buy
Mbot Cube double head
$999 200x200x200 Buy
MakerBot Replicator 2
$1799 285x153x155 Buy

While some of the unassembled models are significantly cheaper than the fully assembled ones, keep in mind that assembly and calibration isn't always the easiest thing in the world.
The prices in this comparison are accurate as of June, 2013. If you know of a new model, please email me a link.

By Brian Roizen