How to 3D print without even owning a 3D printer!

While 3D printers have become a lot cheaper in recent years, many still cost over a thousand dollars. If that’s too expensive, you can still 3D print without owning a 3D printer. ShapeWays allows you to upload your STL (other formats like accepted too!) and they will send you the 3D printed model for varying prices depending on the material and size. You can find out more here.

As you can see, the price per cubic cm is $1.40 at the cheapest, which really isn’t that cheap, but still cheaper than buying a 3D printer of your own. What’s really cool about Shapeways is that they also offer metal 3D printing starting at $8/cm^3 with stainless steal, and they even offer silver 3D printing! This is ideal for jewelry, but also for cases where polymer 3D printing isn’t strong enough.

By Brian Roizen